Do you have any routine in the evening that helps you dealing with daily stress?

Find out in this FREE report, why it's so important to deal with stress before going to bed.  And, to give you a hint – no, it's not just about better sleep. 

Yes , I wanna Know !


All care for your body and your well being begins with dealing with stress. That's why I created 4 weeks online program Flush away your stress, where you learn exercises to deal with everydays stress.

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Not in stress? Great! Then you can directly focus on supporting your body, so your body can support you in achiving your goals.

How can you do that?

With exercising with facial muscles. Surprised? Didn't expect that, right? Read about the fascinating facts about facial muscles here

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With this type of exercising you can:

Boost your energy

Improve your health

Clear your brain fog

Sharpen your focus

Balance your hormonal system

Boost your creativity

Activate your glands in the head

Refresh your face 

And the best part? Already working as little as 5-15 minutes per day already brings you results.

So, having no time is here no excuse.

Find out more about the programs here

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Hi, I'm Maja.

I teach women how to support their bodies, so their bodies can support them to be the best version of themselves with stronger health, uplifting moood, clear and sharp mind, boost of creativity and refreshed face, by practising with face muscles for just 10 minutes per day. My mission is to  empower women with giving them this tools.

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Prefer learning in person? No problem! I live in beautiful place, called Bled, so you can join your face yoga classes with spending your holidays in Bled. We have arranged/prepared lovely apartment for our guests.