Did you know that you have 57 muscles in your face?

 No? Welcome to the club. I didn't either. Before I began to study Face Yoga, I also didn't know that. Not surprising really,  since  we only ever trained all the other muscles at school, but never our facial muscles.

Well, in all fairness to our tongue, this is our 58th muscle, and also very important.

But these muscles are SOOOOO special. Why?  Because EVERY muscle in the face is connected to one organ of the body. So, do you realise that when you are excercising your facial muscles, you are improving the circulation of the blood in your organs  at the same time? As a result your organs work better and you feel better.

Good or good?

And it gets even better. I'll talk about that next week. Just to give you a hint – I'll be talking about cranial muscles.

Until then, just keep the corners of your mouth up !