Let's talk about the cranial muscles. We have 3 cranial muscles in our head: temporalis on sides, occipitalis at the back and frontalis on our front. And, when you are training these 3 muscles, you are massaging your brain as wel. And result? Better circulation in brain and your 'computer' is working better!J No brain fog. You gain concentration, focus, you boost your creativity.

And it gets even better!

Do you know, what is in the middle of your brain? Your glands: the pineal and pituitary gland and

the hypothalamus). And they are in charge of your hormones. So, with training of your cranial muscles, you take care of glands in your head as well.


And now you ask, can it get any better? YEEES!!!


Each part of cranial muscles is also connected to our internal organs (kidneys, liver, lungs, heart and spleen), so you take care of them as well. Now you already know; you improve the circulation in the organs, they function better and that improves your health.


Wait, there's even more…


And, for the last and not the least; when your train and lift your cranial muscles, these muscles lift all the other facial muscles and you get your natural lifting. Because this muscles are very big and heavy and when they are not at their place, they push all the facial muscles downwards and your face looks older.


So, just to recapture what our magnificent cranial muscles are doing (well to be precise,  training of them):

-          Massaging your brain (more focus, better memory,  more creativity)

-          Massaging your glands (with this you are influencing your hormonal system and so much more – will write about this in special post)

-          Massages your internal organs( so they are functioning better, and you are healthier)

-          Lift your facial muscles, so they rejuvenate your face


Well, do you know any other training, that is so efficient?    


Next week, I'll tell you more about… well , I'll explain to you, why I always end post  with


Until next time, just keep the corners of your mouth up !