First, let me just thank you for all your responses on exercises, I am sharing here with you. YOU ARE AWESOME!!! THANK YOU!!! You are encouraging me, to share even more with you. So, let's talk about love today.

Who doesn't want it/need it, right?! But……where does 'the story' begin? With SELF love. Yap, this is, where everything begins.  And this is also where we often fail, right? But not today! So, how are you going to express self love to yourself today?

OK, if nothing comes to your mind, I have a suggestion for you. Do this face yoga exercise, that is empowering ….guess which organ…..heart, of course! And because tongue is the muscle that is connected with heart, this time you will be exercising your tongue. HAVE FUN!!!


3-2-1, READY?

1.      Move your tongue out of the mouth as much as possible and lick your lips all around the mouth veery slowly (mouth is closed, just tongue is out). Do few circles in one direction, then change direction and make few circles in other direction. Your tongue is very strong and firm.

2.      Do the same movements but INSIDE the mouth. You are licking your lips on the inside  and circeling. First few circles in one direction, then, change direction and few circles in the other direction.

3.      Extand your tongue out of the mouth and down as much as possible. Your mouth is opened widely this time . Now do the move with your tounge like you are licking ice cream. Repeat  a few times.

4.      Move your tongue in the oposite direction from 3 step. (It's like in the previous step you were rolling your tongue in, now you are unrolling your tongue out). Repeat a few times.

5.      Move your tounge towards throat, then extand the tongue maximum out and down from the mouth, mouth is wide open. Repeat few times.   

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Did you have fun??? Fun or no fun, you just did something GOOD for yourself. And you know what? You expanded magnetic field around you. Hmmmm, who knows what good stuff will you attract into your life now?

Drop me a note, how were you doing! And as always, you are invited to explore with me other face yoga exercises and dive deep into face yoga world with me. Just hit this envelope below, and we are connected.  

Love you 😊