Corners of the mouth are very small muscles. But, this doesn't mean, that they are also 'little' important. In fact, they play quite big role. So, let's look more detailed this little muscles.

Lifted corners are keeping our life energy as in opposite, if they are facing down, we are loosing our energy. Also, When they are lifted, we raise the level of our hormone of happiness, of our sex hormones and we lift our mood. And who doesn't want that? And ladies, you will like this one: when you lift your corners, you also lift your uterus, ovarius and breasts. How about that? Did I convince you now to lift your corners?

If your corners of mouth are facing down, this means that your hormones are drying. There are 2 particular times, when this happens: after giving birth and in menopause.

When we accelerate circulation in the corners of the mouth, we also accelerate the circulation of blood in uterus, ovarius and in the breasts.

So, check fast, where your corners of the mouth are facing.

Until next time, just keep the corners of your mouth up!