Thyroid gland is very important gland in our body that is in charge of our metabolism.  If not functioning well, you can feel tired or restless, gain or loose weight, you have troubles with concentration, dry skin, muscle and joint pain just to mention few of symptoms. Unfortunately, women are more likely to have problems with this gland than men, especially after pregnancy or after menopause. And a lot of glands dissorder is even not diagnosed.

In TAO face yoga we have a set of 6 exercises, that are designed to address this problem. With this exercises we train neck muscle and increase circulation of blood and oxygene to thyroid gland and parathyroid gland, so they can function better. And, as all TAO face yoga exercises, you also gain nice 'side' effect of exercising, since this exercises also reduce double chin, bags of skin under jaw and smooth neck and chest.

So, ready to do some exercises for neck? Just contact me and we will arrange the session.

You don't have thyroid problems? Good for you! So, let's exercise and take care that it stays this way.