Oh, this feelings…..happiness, sadness, worries, anxiety….

Did you know that every feeling lasts only 90 seconds? It does IF you don't 'hang' on a feeling or if you are not avoiding to experience it. In this case, feelings get 'stuck' in your body. And this is weakening you, your organs, your functioning.

Today, I would like to talk about fear. Why fear? Because we are often faced with fear, when we want to expand, to go out of our comfort zone. And, where is fear  'stored'? In your kidneys! So, lets empower your kidneys. Are you ready? I'll teach you Tao face yoga exercise for empowering kidneys, called Diamant.

3,2,1, LET'S GO

1.      Step: Say A (your lower and upper lips should be one cookie apart)

2.      Step: Pull both lips strongly behind your teeth (and keep the first step)

3.      Step: Lift the corners of your mouth up (while still holding 1.and 2. step)

4.      Step: Move your chin forward (while still keeping previous steps)

Voila, now hold the exercise for 1-2 minutes and don't forget to breath!  And repeat 2 more times.

Now, how do you feel? Would love to hear, how you like this exercise. And, of course, you are always invited to explore with me other exercises of TAO face yoga.