Worries… Aaaah, who doesn't have them, right? I mean, they are part of our life; How will I pay that, will my son make this exam, what is this pain,… you can add some for yourself, I'm sure.

Last week we were discusing, that every feeling that lasts, 'stores' in one organ. And, can you guess where worries store? Yes, you're right, in the spleen. And that means, that worries weaken our spleen.

Not to whine too much, we are here for solutions, right? So, what can we do, to empower our spleen? TAAA DAAAA, here is another Tao face yoga exercise, called Baloon, that will bring more circulation to your spleen, so your spleen will work better. And you will get some bonus beauty effects on face, too! Are you ready?

3-2-1, LET'S GO !!!

1.       Step: Inhale through your mouth and hold the air in the mouth. (you should look now like a Buda, with cheeks like baloons).

2.      Step: Put both hands on your face in the way, that your palms are covering your lips, your fingers are covering your cheeks.

3.      Step: Now push strongly with your hands into your face (one force), the air in your mouth is pushing agains your hands (contra force). Adjust both forces, that the air in your mouth is not 'running away' through your mouth

Voila, now hold the exercise for 1-2 minutes and BREATH through your nose!  And repeat 2 more times.

This is kind of funny exercise, especially, if you 'loose' the air from mouth and you make funny noises. Need some additional motivation? This is also very good exercise when you are burnout.

Now, how do you feel? Would really love to hear from you, how you like this exercise.

And, of course, you are always invited to explore with me other exercises of TAO face yoga.