I believe we have all already been faced with some kind of lost; friends, our dear ones, our beloved pets …..These moments always remind me to cherish every moment and to be grateful for every moment, because nobody knows, how long it will last, right? So, who are you going to call today (not tomorrow!), to whom will you say, that you love them, that you are grateful for them,  who will you invite for a coffee….  

When our beloved leave us, we grief some time. And this is an emotion that weakens our lungs. So,let me teach you one face yoga exercise that empowers lungs, right?   

So here are the steps (each step you do, you hold till the end of the exercise)

1.      Slide with your thumbs under the chin (from the middle to the sides of the chin) and fix them behind the jaw.

2.      Spread all the other fingers, and put open palms under your chin (your hands are like a plate on which your face is 'resting').

3.      Say A and pull your lower lip behind your teeth.

4.      Lift your cheeks up and move your chin a little forward.

5.      Push your chin down into your palms (force in one direction), palms are pushing your chin up ( force in opposite direction)

Now hold the exercise for 1-2 minutes and BREATH through your nose!  And repeat 2 more times.

And don't forget to congratulate yourself! You did something good for you, for your health.

Now, how do you feel? I'm really happy and grateful for all your feedbacks and great benefits you are reporting me.

And, of course, you are always invited to explore other exercises of TAO face yoga with me.