We have 57 muscles on our face, plus 58. muscle, and this is tongue. They are placed from collarbone  (neck muscle) to the back of our head (occipitalis).

They are all very interconnected, that's why we must always work with ALL face muscles, not just particular ares. For example, forehead muscle pushes down all face muscle, and neck muscle pulls down all face muscle when it begins to losen their position.

Through connective tissue face muscles are connected to our internal organs (kidneys, liver, heart, spleen, lungs). That means that with FY exercises we bring circulation to this organs, and that means more oxigene and more nutrients. And because of that, organs can function better. 

Exercising with scull muscles (forehead, temples and occipitalis) bring more circulation to brain (flushes away brain fog) and to glands in the head (hypotalamus, pineal gland, pitutary gland). This glands are controling all the other glands in the body and also producing MOST IMPORTANT HORMONES in body (melatonin, growth hormone, dopamin, serotonin). So, with exercises we are also bringing balance in hormone system. And hormones are responsible for health of all our organs, for our mood. But, every part of our scull is also connected to our internal organs, so this trainings also increase circulation in internal organs.

Gravity of face muscles begins with first menses, so quite early in our life. When muscles begin to loose their position, in this 'empty' space, that is created lymph gets stucked. Lymph is fluid in our body that takes away toxins from our body. And with face exercises, we help face to remove stucked  lymph already from the first day on.

Exercises also release stuck emotions. So, sometimes happens, that some exercises we just don't want to do. But this are just exercises that we need the most. With releasing stuck emotions we gain our energy back, that was stuck together with emotions.


They are just so important that I have to write a little about them. In fact, they are most important glands in our body.  They are hypotalamus, Pineal gland and Pitutary gland – they represent emotional part of our brain. Here emotions are born and traumas are stored. At the beginning this glands are big like a grape, then because of stress, Clor, Fluor, heavy metals, traumas, radiation,…shrink to a dry grape. With FY exercises we bring circulation to them and they can begin to work optimal again.

This glands control all the other glands in the body, regulate, other hormones and produce some of the most important hormones. Hypotalamus works like a switch between sympatetic and parasympatetic nerves system. If there is no switch to parasympatetic nerves system, brains and glands are drying, because body is under stress. Switch into parasympatetic nerves system is condition (a must), that body can regenerate  and repair at night. Hypotalamus is like a secretary that sends Pitutary gland instructions regarding production of hormones. Pitutary gland and Pineal gland are producing hormones and also controling hole hormonal system.

One of hormones they produce is MELATONIN. This is the biggest antioxidant, at activates regeneration in the body. It is produced between 21.00-2.00 in the morning, but only, if you sleep in TOTAL darkness. And of course if your glands have good circulation (you ensure this with face yoga). But there is one more condition for his production – and this is that cortisol (stress hormone) must fall down. If we don't lower stress hormone in the evening, melatonin can not be produced. And how can we do this? We ladies are lucky, because we can do this with breast massage and massage of our nipples. We just circle around our breasts with our hands. With this we also release stuck emotions, so it's double healthy to massage breasts.:-)

And why is melatonin so important? Because our immune system is not working, but there is also no growth hormone. GROWTH HORMONE takes care of rejuvenation in our body. If we don't have this hormone, muscles can't be built, internal organs begin to deteriorate, work worse, we get older. Growth hormone is responsible that our internal organs are healthy. It helps us, that we have focus, power in our life. In menopause it's even more important to stimulate production of growth hormone. 

With FY exercises we switch on the hormones in our body and turn on the energy around the body. Hormones influence our health, our well being and our energy.

Picture 2: Glands in our head

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