Since every person is unique, I believe personal approach is most efficient way to gain most benefits from Tao Face Yoga

. That's the reason why I decided to offer only COUNSELING ONE ON ONE.  You just contact me and we will arrange meeting via Messenger where I will shortly present you Face Yoga and then... then we will dive directly into practise. I'll pick up 2-3 exercises most suitable for you, so you can try it and feel it for yourself what it does to you.

And you know what's the best thing? For the first counceling you don't pay anything in advance! Yes, you read this correct. NO RISK for you! You only PAY AFTERWORDS, IF you will be satisfied.  The price for the first counseling (60 minutes) is 50 Eur and in this price  is also included 'control' session (30 minutes) after one week, to check out your progress, maybe add new exercise or dive deeper with existing exercises...

So, what do you say? Are you interested?

Then, don't wait, just contact me!

Let's discover together all the possibilities of face yoga, and what can it do to you and your life!

Looking forward to meet you and take you by the hand into the world of Face yoga.

But besides custom made programs I also created some 6 weeks programs, with themes, that were till now most wanted


X Who is it for?

- you want to get acquainted with TAO face yoga

- you want to do something good for yourself

- you want to improve your health

- you want to rejuvenate your face

- you want to clear the fog in your brain

 X What will you get?

- Theoretical introduction of Tao face yoga,  face muscles, glands, hormones, 5 elements

- I'll teach you 6 basic exercises; one exercise for each main internal organ (kidneys, liver, heart, spleen and lungs)  and the exercise 'Total lifting'.

- This program lasts 6 weeks. Each week we meet for one hour.

- You get written material, so you can go over the material as often as you want.  It also helps you, when you are training by yourself during the sessions.


X Who is it for?

Are you constantly tired?

Do you wake up in the morning and just wish that it would be already evening, so you can go back to bed?

You just simply don't have enough energy to face all the challenges during the day?

Than this is the program for you.

 X What will you get?

First, we will just gently destress you, to lower your level of hormone Kortizol. This is the foundation that you can have a good night sleep.

Then we will take care of all your internal organs with the exercise 'Total lifting' since all organs are connected, so they all have to be in good condition.

And after that, we will take special  care of your kidneys – the 'bank' of your energy.

Program lasts for 56 weeks, each week one session (60 minutes)

You get written material of the sessions. (benefits and steps of the exercises)


X Who is it for?

If you already have Thyroid issues

You are exhausted, feeling anxious, your brain are feeling fuzzy, feeling cold or having chills-  these are just few symptoms that might just as well be the symptoms of       thyroid not functioning well

X What will you get?

I'll teach you exercises for neck muscle. When neck muscle is at the right place and in good condition, it gives best support, circulation and nutrition to thyroid gland. This program also includes some breathing technics, also very important when dealing with thyroid problems.

Program lasts 6 weeks, each week we have one session, where I teach you one exercise + we do breathing exercise.

You get written material of the session.  (all the benefits and steps of the exercises)