From stress to calmness in 5 minutes.


Are you

  • overwhelmed women, that has just too much going on in your life ?

  • serving all around you, never finding time for yourself?

  • completely exhausted?

  • feeling, like you don't have control over your life?

  • stressed, tired, low energy, brain fog, poor health?


How about taking 5 minutes just for yourself and calming down?  Mmmmm, already picturing this  feels better, yeah? And it can get even better! What if I tell you, I can show you 4 methods, that would relax you even more? Interested?


 Join my 4 weeks program where you will learn:

  • special sounds for calming down (yes, your organs get overheated when in stress)

  • unique breathing, for your internal massage

  • body exercise for part of your body, where you switch from 'stress mode' to 'relax mode'

  • face exercise for relaxing part of your face where stress accumulates


So, with this 5 minutes exercises you'll

  • Calm yourself down

  • Relax

  • Gain fresh energy

  • Clear  your mind

  • Long term you will help gaining and sustaining health


I made this program super short and easy, since I don't wanna be just another one stealing your time, right. Sessions are max 15 minutes long and  each week you'll get one session. You'll just  watch the session at your appropriate time and then play with presented method for one week, when another session will pop up in your e-mail.


Interested? Then join the program FLUSH MY STRESS AWAY !


I can not promise you to be without stress for the rest of your life, but I can teach you tools to deal with stres. Invest  in yourself 67 eur and give yourself a chance to improve your life.



Flush My Stress Away


And because you matter to me, I will ad a special BONUS at  the end of the program –

15 minutes of INDIVIDUAL LIVE online session with me

where we will go over exercises, you can ask questions and we will create a best plan for you, how you can incorporate this exercises in your everyday life. Because exercises work only, if you work them. And this is, a lot of times, the most challenging part, to break your habits or to ad new habits into your life. Most programs don't care about that. I DO! Because at the end, this is, why you are here, to make a difference.

And I will help you with that!

Yes, I Want That !